Single mixin class to easily add buttons on any Django ModelAdmin related page

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Language: Python

Keywords: django, django-admin, python


pluggable django application that offers one single mixin class ExtraUrlMixin to easily add new url (and related buttons on the screen) to any ModelAdmin.

It provides two decorators link() and action().

  • link() is intended to be used for multiple records. It will produce a button in the change list view.
  • action() works on a single record. It will produce a button in the change form view.


pip install admin-extra-urls

After installation add it to INSTALLED_APPS


How to use it

from admin_extra_urls.extras import ExtraUrlMixin, link, action

class MyModelModelAdmin(ExtraUrlMixin, admin.ModelAdmin):

    @link() # /admin/myapp/mymodel/update_all/
    def update_all(self, request):

    @action() # /admin/myapp/mymodel/update/10/
    def update(self, request, pk):
        obj = self.get_object(pk=pk)

You don't need to return a HttpResponse. The default behavior is:

  • with link() button is displayed in the 'list' view and the browser will be redirected to changelist_view
  • with action() button is displayed in the 'update' view and the browser will be redirected to change_view

link() / action() options

path None path url path for the action. will be the url where the button will point to.
label None label for the button. by default the "labelized" function name
icon '' icon for the button
permission None permission required to use the button. Can be a callable (current object as argument).
css_class "btn btn-success" extra css classes to use for the button
order 999 in case of multiple button the order to use
visible lambda o: o and callable or bool. By default do not display "action" button if in add mode

Integration with other libraries


class RuleAdmin(ExtraUrlMixin, ImportExportMixin, BaseModelAdmin):
    def _export(self, request):
        if '_changelist_filters' in request.GET:
            real_query = QueryDict(request.GET.get('_changelist_filters'))
            request.GET = real_query
        return self.export_action(request)

    def _import(self, request):
        return self.import_action(request)


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