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Language: JavaScript

Meteor Boilerplate - Material Design Version

A starting point for MeteorJS applications that use Material Design. Includes Iron Router, Materialize.css, AutoForm and more.

For our Bootstrap version, see the master branch.

Included Packages


  1. Clone this repo to <yourapp>

git clone <yourapp>

  1. Remove .git

cd <yourapp> && rm -rf .git

  1. Start coding!

File Structure

We have a common file structure we use across all of our Meteor apps. Client-only files are stored in the client directory, server-only files are stored in the server directory, and shared files are stored in the both directory. The private and public directories are for either private or public assets.


Page titles, meta descriptions and Facebook and Twitter meta tags are handled by the yasinuslu:blaze-meta package. Global settings are configured in both/router/meta.js, while individual page settings are set at the controller level.

  • Note: the spiderable package will need to be installed and configured on your server in order for bots to read your meta tags.
PostsShowController = AppController.extend({
  path: '/posts/:_id',
  waitOn: function() {
    return this.subscribe('post', params._id);
  data: function() {
    return {
      post: Post.find({_id: params._id})
  onAfterAction: function() {
    if(this.ready()) {

Favicons and Touch Icons

Upload your image to and place the resulting images in public/images/favicons

Seed Data

You can use the dburles:factory and anti:fake packages to generate fake collection data for testing your UI. See server/seeds.js for an example:

Meteor.startup(function() {

  Factory.define('item', Items, {
    name: function() { return Fake.sentence(); },
    rating: function() { return _.random(1, 5); }

  if (Items.find({}).count() === 0) {

    _(10).times(function(n) {



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