Glue for Trusted Third Parties & Hashicorp Vault

License: MIT

Language: Go

Keywords: consul-template, containers, docker, ec2, ecs, golang-application, orchestration, secrets, sre, vault, vault-client


This tool is designed to act as glue between a Trusted Third Party & Hashicorp Vault. The target use case is with consul-template.

The only supported Trusted Third Party is currently AWS IAM.


Command Argument Environment Variable Default Description
-role= IV_ROLE nil Role to request from Vault
-wrap_token= IV_WRAP_TOKEN true Do we want a wrapped token
-wrap_token_ttl= IV_WRAP_TOKEN_TTL 5m TTL for wrapped token
-vault_addr= IV_VAULT_ADDR nil Vault address


export VAULT_ADDR=
export VAULT_TOKEN=$(vault-vouch -role="my-role")
consul-template -template "in.tpl:out.conf" -config "conf.hcl" -vault-unwrap-token -vault-renew-token=false

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