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This project was bootstrapped with Create React Native App.

Below you'll find information about performing common tasks.

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Updating Create React Native App and React Native

Updating the react-native-scripts dependency of your app should be as simple as bumping the version number in package.json and reinstalling your project's dependencies.

Upgrading to a new version of React Native requires updating the react-native, react, and expo package versions, and setting the correct sdkVersion in app.json. See the versioning guide for up-to-date information about package version compatibility.

Available Scripts

yarn install

Installs the dependencies as specified in package.json according to the locked versions in yarn.lock.

yarn start

Runs your app in development mode.

Open it in the Expo app on your phone to view it. It will reload if you save edits to your files, and you will see build errors and logs in the terminal.

yarn test

Runs the jest test runner on your tests.

yarn test -- --watch

Runs the jest test runner on your tests in watch mode.

yarn ios

Like yarn start, but also attempts to open your app in the iOS Simulator if you're on a Mac and have it installed.

yarn android

Like yarn start, but also attempts to open your app on a connected Android device or emulator. Requires an installation of Android build tools (see React Native docs for detailed setup).

yarn format

Formats all JavaScript code with prettier. Will be automatically run as a pre-commit git hook.

Writing and Running Tests

This project is set up to use jest for tests. Files with suffix .test.js will be loaded by jest. The jest documentation is also a wonderful resource, as is the React Native testing tutorial.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have a local network the prevents your phone from accessing the address that is printed when running the packager, you can often work around this issue by "tethering" your computer to your phone's internet connection. Some phones call this feature "mobile hotspot." While it's very convenient, if you have a data plan where you pay for data transfer you should be careful when using this feature, especially when installing dependencies from NPM.

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