An unmodified copy of Eric Meyer's CSS reset. PostCSS, webpack, Sass, and Less friendly.

License: Unlicense

Language: CSS

Keywords: css, less, nodejs, normalize, postcss, reset, sass, webpack


An unmodified* copy of Eric Meyer's CSS reset.


With curl:

$ curl -O ""
$ curl -O ""
$ curl -O ""

With NPM:

$ npm install --save reset-css

With Yarn:

$ yarn add reset-css

With Bower:

$ bower install reset-css



<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/reset-css/reset.css" />


@import '/path/to/reset-css/reset.css';

Via PostCSS and postcss-import:

@import 'reset-css';

Via webpack and css-loader:

import 'reset-css';

Via Sass:

@import '/path/to/reset-css/sass/reset';

Via Less:

@import '/path/to/reset-css/less/reset';


Two changes have been made from the 2011 version, both approved by Mr. Meyer:

  • Added main to list of HTML 5 elements (#7)
  • Added rule to fix hidden attribute on HTML 5 elements (#12)

Eric Meyer

License: none (public domain)

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An unmodified copy of Eric Meyer's CSS reset.
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An unmodified copy of Eric Meyer's CSS reset.
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