A command-line hex viewer

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Language: Rust

Keywords: binary-data, command-line, hexadecimal, rust, tool

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hexyl is a simple hex viewer for the terminal. It uses a colored output to distinguish different categories of bytes (NULL bytes, printable ASCII characters, ASCII whitespace characters, other ASCII characters and non-ASCII).



On Debian-based systems

wget ""
sudo dpkg -i hexyl_0.6.0_amd64.deb

On Arch Linux

You can install hexyl from the official package repository:

pacman -S hexyl

On macOS

brew install hexyl

On FreeBSD

pkg install hexyl

Via Nix

nix-env -i hexyl

On other distributions

Check out the release page for binary builds.

On Windows

For now, you will have to install from source via cargo (see below). Make sure that you use a terminal that supports ANSI escape sequences (like ConHost v2 since Windows 10 1703 or Windows Terminal since Windows 10 1903).

Via cargo

If you have Rust 1.31 or higher, you can install hexyl from source via cargo:

cargo install hexyl


Licensed under either of

at your option.

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