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Quick Credit is an online lending platform that provides short term soft loans to individuals. This helps solve problems of financial inclusion as a way to alleviate poverty and empower low income earners.

UI hosted on gh pages

Working frontend hosted on gh pages

Pivotal Tracker Project

Server side hosted on Heroku

API Documentation

Table of Content

Getting Started

Prerequisites for installation

  1. Node js
  2. Express
  3. Git


  1. Clone this repository into your local machine:
e.g git clone
  1. Install dependencies
e.g npm install.
  1. Start the application by running the start script.
e.g npm start
  1. Install postman to test all endpoints on port 3000.

Run Test

e.g npm test

API End Points Test Using Postman

POST /api/v1/auth/signup User signup
POST /api/v1/auth/login User signin
POST /api/v1/loans Post a loan
POST /api/v1/loans/:loanId/repayment Posts a loan repayment
PATCH /api/v1/users/:email/verify Verify a user
PATCH /api/v1/loans/:loanId Approve/Reject a loan repayment
GET /api/v1/loans Get loans
GET /api/v1/loans/:loanId Get a loan by loanId
GET /api/v1/loans?status=approved&repaid=false Get all current loans
GET /api/v1/loans?status=approved&repaid=true Get all repaid loans
GET /api/v1/loans/:loanId/repayments Gets repayments for a loan
GET /api/v1/users Gets all users

Coding Style

  • Airbnb style guide.



  • A user can sign up
  • A user can login
  • A user can request for loan
  • A user can view loan repayment history


  • Admin can mark a client as verified
  • Admin can view a specific loan application
  • Admin can approve or reject a client’s loan application
  • Admin can post loan repayment transaction in favour of a client
  • Admin can view all loan applications
  • Admin can view all current loans (not fully repaid)
  • Admin can view all repaid loans
  • Admin can view all users

Built With

  • NodeJs-EXPRESS: Node.js is a javascript runtime built on Chrome's V8 javascript engine.

  • html5: It is used for structuring the frontend.

  • css: It is used for styling the frontend.


  • Shonubi Oluwakorede


This project is licensed under The MIT License (MIT) - see the file for details.


  • Andela

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