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[DEPRECATED] Projecto is a minimalistic open source project management system built using Flask a...
CSS - Apache-2.0 - Last pushed - 25 stars - 6 forks
Appcache gave me too many headaches. Here's an extension to ease the pain.
Python - MPL-2.0 - Last pushed - 11 stars - 1 forks
An OM for leveldb! Probably overkill but who knows!! Kinda like mongokit and couchdbkit. Kinda fo...
Python - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 2 stars - 1 forks
My fork of the xfce4-notes-plugin
Vala - GPL-2.0 - Updated - 0 stars
[DEPRECATED] Git based static page deploy system like github pages. Based on nginx and gitolite.
Shell - Apache-2.0 - Last pushed - 20 stars - 1 forks
An object mapper for key value stores. Replaces Riakkit/Leveldbkit. Not yet ready for production.
Python - Last pushed - 5 stars - 1 forks
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Repositories Contributed To

Platform for Open Source Support in Linuxdesh. Forked from
Python - BSD-3-Clause - Last pushed - 0 stars
Python - BSD-3-Clause - Last pushed - 0 stars
emesene branch to support QQ purely implemented by python
Python - Other - Last pushed - 1 stars
Go - Apache-2.0 - Last pushed - 0 stars
train Next OTrain is a one-click solution to determine when Ottawa's O-Train is scheduled for i...
CSS - MIT - Last pushed - 4 stars - 1 forks
A mirror of runelite/runelite for testing
Java - BSD-2-Clause - Last pushed - 0 stars
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Published Packages

An object mapper for leveldb with secondary indexes. Almost compatible with riakkit
Latest release 0.1.3b - Updated - 2 stars
Mocking HTTP calls in go tests. Set mock responses and what not.
Latest release - Published
Rawr! State Machine. In golang with retries.
Latest release - Published
A high performance single node key-value database designed for low end boxes. Riak API Clone. Wri...
Latest release - Published - 3 stars
An object mapper for Riak similar to mongokit and couchdbkit for Riak. BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE TO 0...
This package is deprecated - Updated
A really simple tank game in go. For me to learn the language. gt2d is a small 2D graphics librar...
Latest release - Published - 1 stars
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Most Used Packages

Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
Latest release 0.4.15 - Updated - 1.07K stars
A simple framework for building complex web applications.
Latest release 1.1.1 - Updated - 47.4K stars
WSGI (PEP 333) Reference Library
Latest release 0.1.2 - Updated
A very fast and expressive template engine.
Latest release 2.10.3 - Updated - 6.57K stars
The comprehensive WSGI web application library.
Latest release 0.15.6 - Updated - 4.99K stars
Safely add untrusted strings to HTML/XML markup.
Latest release 1.1.1 - Updated - 282 stars
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