[DEPRECATED] Chrome extension that enforces the mobile web version of Twitter and improves its interface

License: MIT

Language: CSS

Keywords: chrome-extension, deprecated, twitter


For the same reason as Anatine.

Refined Twitter

An extension that makes Chrome always use the mobile web version of Twitter, which is much faster and better looking than the old desktop web version. When you open a link that would normally be to desktop Twitter, this extension redirects you to the mobile web version and makes it wider.

Check out Anatine — Desktop app version of this


Install it from the Chrome Web Store or manually.

Works on Firefox too, but requires some manual steps for now.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • New tweet/DM: n
  • Send tweet/DM: Cmd Enter or Ctrl Enter
  • Toggle dark mode: d
  • Go to Home: g h
  • Go to Notifications: g n
  • Go to Messages: g m
  • Go to Search: /
  • Go to Profile: g p
  • Go to Likes: g l
  • Go to Lists: g i
  • Go to next tweet: j
  • Go to previous tweet: k
  • Go to next photo:
  • Go to previous photo:
  • Page down: Ctrl d
  • Page up: Ctrl u
  • Scroll to top: g g
  • Scroll to bottom: G


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MIT © Sindre Sorhus

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