RabbitMQ server docker image. Running latest version on Arch Linux. It includes a service that syncs users, vhosts and permissions using etcd, and is therefore intended to be run on CoreOS cluster.

Language: Python

RabbitMQ docker image / etcd enabled

This is a Docker image with RabbitMQ server, running the latest version, on Arch Linux. It synchronizes RabbitMQ vhosts, users and permissions, using hosts etcd. This is done with simple Python script running in background. This image is intended to be used on CoreOS host.


With docker:

/usr/bin/docker run                 \
        --env-file /etc/environment \
        -p 5672:5672                \
        -p 15672:15672              \

Synchronization script expects COREOS_PRIVATE_IPV4 variable to be host's IP address. It uses it access etcd, and publish its own location to etcd.

With fleet:

git clone
fleetctl start rabbitmq-etcd/rabbitmq.service


Creating vhost:

etcdctl set /rabbitmq/vhosts/example 1

Deleting vhost:

etcdctl rm /rabbitmq/vhosts/example

Creating user:

etcdctl set /rabbitmq/users/john secret

Creating user with tags:

etcdctl set /rabbitmq/tags/john management,administrator
etcdctl set /rabbitmq/users/john secret

Deleting user:

etcdctl rm /rabbitmq/users/john

Setting permissions:

etcdctl set /rabbitmq/permissions/example/john ".*/.*/.*"

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