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Command line plugin for managing OAuth clients, authorizations and tokens.

No need to install, this plugin comes built into the Heroku CLI.


To create a client:

$ heroku clients:create "Amazing"
Creating Amazing... done

See OAuth clients under your account with:

$ heroku clients
Amazing  3e304bda-d376-4278-bdea-6d6c08aa1359

Get details about a client:

$ heroku clients:info 36120128-fee7-455e-8b7f-807aee130946
=== Amazing
created_at:         2016-01-21T02:11:57Z
id:                 36120128-fee7-455e-8b7f-807aee130946
name:               Amazing
secret:             a14cf558-60b8-44f2-a804-3b249b48aa57
updated_at:         2016-01-21T02:11:57Z

Update clients:

$ heroku clients:update 3e304bda-d376-4278-bdea-6d6c08aa1359 --url
Updated Amazing... done


List them:

$ heroku authorizations
Amazing                        9e3a4063-b833-432e-ad75-4b0d7195be13  global
Heroku CLI                     676cb46c-7597-4be1-8a6a-f87b9f2f1065  global


You can create a special user-created authorization against your account that will come with an access token which doesn't expire:

$ heroku authorizations:create --description "For use with Anvil"
Created OAuth authorization.
  ID:          105a7bfa-34c3-476e-873a-b1ac3fdc12fb
  Description: For use with Anvil
  Token:       4cee516c-f8c6-4f14-9edf-fc6ef09cedc5
  Scope:       global

You can also pass in short output format to only output the token.

$ heroku authorizations:create --output-format short

Another option allows for tokens that expire. This token expires in 10 seconds.

$ heroku authorizations:create --expires-in 10
Created OAuth authorization.
  Client:      <none>
  ID:          2231biha6-5b1e-4268-ba04-2ee7b74m2gf6
  Description: Long-lived user authorization
  Scope:       global
  Token:       9aa5d667-fg37-4028-8dc9-b2191b5z5966

A combination of short format and expires-in can be handy to pass into a job that needs access to heroku:

$ heroku run "HEROKU_EMAIL=`heroku auth:whoami` HEROKU_API_KEY=`heroku authorizations:create --expires-in 120 --output-format short` ./" -a myapp

Optionally, you can specify a list of scopes for the authorization:

$ heroku authorizations:create --description "For use with Anvil" --scope identity,read-protected
Created OAuth authorization.
  ID:          105a7bfa-34c3-476e-873a-b1ac3fdc12fb
  Description: For use with Anvil
  Token:       4cee516c-f8c6-4f14-9edf-fc6ef09cedc5
  Scope:       identity, read-protected

The procured token can now be used like an API key:

$ curl -u ":4cee516c-f8c6-4f14-9edf-fc6ef09cedc5"


Any authorization on your account can be revoked at any time:

$ heroku authorizations:revoke 105a7bfa-34c3-476e-873a-b1ac3fdc12fb
Revoked authorization from "Another App".

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