Notka online clipboard.


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Notka Online Clipboard

Notka is kind of online storage for text.
In Polish it means 'short text', 'text snippet', 'scribble', 'chit'.
You can open your notka in browser from any internet connected device
and use/edit/save your text.

In technology terms it is:

        - small http server serving http/javascript content
          written with React (https://facebook.github.io/react)

        - C++ backend server written with Qt

        - MySql database

Try it

Try it online at www.notka.online.
Please register or login as a default user with following credentials:

        - user: "user"
        - password: "password"

You can register in login-only, no passowrd mode if you like,
this gives the fastest access to your content.
Click 'save', login from different place and have your notka back.


All feedback is welcome, constructive comments are welcome,
useful contributions are welcome.
Source:		www.github.com/spinlockirqsave/notkacmd.git

Copyright(C) 2017, Piotr Gregor <piotr@dataandsignal.com>

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