Racket ffi for snappy compression library

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Language: Racket

Racket FFI bindings for snappy


Racket FFI bindings for the snappy compression library.

To install on Racket v5.3.2 or newer:

  • raco pkg install snappy

On older versions of Racket:

  • git clone
  • raco link snappy/snappy

 (require snappy)
(compress input) -> bytes?
  input : bytes?

Compresses the input bytestring and returns the resulting bytestring.

(uncompress input) -> bytes?
  input : (and/c bytes? valid-compression?)

Uncompresses the input bytestring and returns the resulting bytestring.

(valid-compression? input) -> boolean?
  input : bytes?

Returns #t if input is a compressed bytestring that can be uncompressed with Snappy. Otherwise returns #f.

Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Stephen Chang, Asumu Takikawa

Licensed under the BSD license. See COPYING.

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