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Star Tribune - Minnesota's Precipitation

Created by Frey Hargarten.


Source data can be found in builds/development/data/_raw.


In order to process the data and get to the form that is used in the visual piece:

  1. Convert to CSV: in2csv --sheet="<name of sheet you want here>" builds/development/data/maindata.xlsx | tail -n +4 > builds/development/data/maindata.csv
  2. Parse and compress: node builds/development/data/maindata.js
    • This will output: builds/development/data/maindata.json Or just use something like Mister Data Converter to spit out JSON from tabular data


Most commands are assumed to be on the command line (Terminal on a Mac).


The following are probably already installed on your computer if you have worked on similar projects.

  1. Install Git
    • On a Mac, install Homebrew, then: brew install git
  2. Install NodeJS
    • On a Mac: brew install node
  3. Install global Node dependencies: npm install -g gulp


  1. Get code and enter project: git clone && cd 20160913-mnprecipitation.git
  2. Install local dependencies: npm install

Local development

  1. Run gulp to build the code and run a local webserver at http://localhost:3000.
  2. Make changes to the code and the changes should be automatically updated in your browser.

Project structure and editing

  • builds/development: Main project here.
    • index.html: Edit HTML here.
  • components: Helpful bits of code to be used in the project if desired.
    • sass/style.scss: SASS that gets built into builds/development/css/style.css
    • scripts/st_script.js: JS that gets compiled into builds/development/js/script.css


Deployment is managed in specific repositories:

The following will change based on which deployment repo this is going to and where you have that repository locally.

  1. Build the production version: NODE_ENV=production gulp
  2. Copy files (update path as needed): mkdir -p ../20160913-mnprecipitation/ && rsync -rav ./ ../20160913-mnprecipitation/ --exclude=".git" --exclude="node_modules" --exclude=".sass-cache" --delete-after
  3. Update the relevant deployment repo.


Built using Mapbox GL JS.

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