A stylish summary reporter for jshint

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Language: JavaScript

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A stylish summary reporter for jshint. Best used in combination with jshint-stylish.

Brought on by this Stack Overflow question.


Default output with jshint (in combination with jshint-stylish):

Default output with gulp-jshint (in combination with jshint-stylish):


npm install --save-dev jshint-stylish-summary


With jshint

$ jshint --reporter=node_modules/jshint-stylish-summary src/js/*.js

Since jshint's CLI doesn't currently support multiple reporters it is necessary to create a wrapper reporter if jshint-stylish-summary should be used in combination with another reporter.

To use jshint-stylish-summary with, e.g., jshint-stylish, create a file reporter.js:

module.exports = {
  reporter: function(result, config, options) {
    require('jshint-stylish').reporter(result, config, options);
    require('jshint-stylish-summary').reporter(result, config, options);

Then pass this file to jshint:

$ jshint --reporter=reporter.js src/js/*.js

With gulp-jshint

Since jshint-stylish-summary needs to collect information about all files passing through the stream before it can log the results, it is not compatible with gulp-jshint's reporter() interface.

Instead use the collect() and summarize() functions that jshint-stylish-summary provides:

var jshintSummary = require('jshint-stylish-summary');

gulp.task('lint', function() {
  return gulp.src('src/**/*.js')
    .on('end', jshintSummary.summarize());

See the API documentation for a complete overview of all available functions and options.



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