Turn object streams into vinyl streams

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Language: JavaScript

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Turn object streams into vinyl streams.


npm install vinylize


The following turns each movie object into a vinyl file that can be wrapped in a lodash template by gulp-wrap:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var streamify = require('stream-array');
var vinylize = require('vinylize');
var friendlyUrl = require('friendly-url');
var wrap = require('gulp-wrap');

// this might come from a database or other data source
var movies = [
  { title:'2001: A Space Odyssey', director:'Stanley Kubrick', year:1968 },
  { title:'THX 1138', director:'George Lucas', year:1971 },
  { title:'Blade Runner', director:'Ridley Scott', year:1982 }

// use vinylize() in an existing stream to turn objects into vinyl files
gulp.task('vinylize-pipe', function() {
  return streamify(movies)
    .pipe(vinylize({ path: function(movie) {
      return friendlyUrl(movie.title) + '.html';
    .pipe(wrap('<h1><%= title %> (<%= year %>)</h1>\n' +
               '<div>Directed by: <%= director %></div>'))

// alternatively use vinylize() to create a new stream of vinyl files
gulp.task('vinylize-stream', function() {
  vinylize(movies, { path: function(movie) {
      return friendlyUrl(movie.title) + '.html';
    .pipe(wrap('<h1><%= title %> (<%= year %>)</h1>\n' +
               '<div>Directed by: <%= director %></div>'))



<h1>2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)</h1>
<div>Directed by: Stanley Kubrick</div>


<h1>THX 1138 (1971)</h1>
<div>Directed by: George Lucas</div>


<h1>Blade Runner (1982)</h1>
<div>Directed by: Ridley Scott</div>

See the examples folder for more examples.


See the API documentation for available functions and options.



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