A beautiful, middle-contrast dark theme inspired by Twilight and Tomorrow Night Eighties. Your new favorite theme, now available in Atom!


License: MIT

Language: CSS

Keywords: dark-theme, syntax-highlighting, theme

New Moon Color Scheme for Atom

Beautiful Syntax Highlighting

New Moon Icon

New Moon is also available for Sublime Text and Brackets!

Updated 11/25/16 - Improvements to images.

This theme was created to be optimized for front end web development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP/Wordpress. It's a middle-contrast dark theme using color inspiration from Tomorrow Night Eighties, and style inspiration from Twilight.

Most of the dark themes I tried using were distracting and overly colorful and contrast heavy, especially with PHP embedded into HTML. The New Moon theme strives to remedy that, with a theme that is pleasant to view in any language.


  • Go to File > Extension Manager
  • Search for New Moon
  • Click Install


HTML Screenshot


PHP Screenshot


PHP HTML Screenshot


CSS Screenshot


SCSS Screenshot


JS Screenshot


jQuery Screenshot


The code is open source and available under the MIT License.

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