React templating for Meteor

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

Blaze React (devel)

Blaze React is a Meteor package which give you templates for React in a familiar Blaze API (giving you helpers, events, onRendered, onCreated etc) with a subset of Spacebars (aka Meteor flavored Handlebars).

Why React? – Well it gives us faster pageloads, SEO without Spiderable, accessibility for users without JavaScript and general improvements in page rendering speed.

Why a Blaze/Spacebars API? – Well it's way easier to learn and get started with, can't argue against that right (see examples below)?


meteor add timbrandin:blaze-react


Getting started

Currently this project is in flux until we have a preview-release, partly due to the announcement from MDG in developing a similar package that builds templates for React, but we think we can give this to you earlier than within a few months and with support for most of Blaze 1 features and Spacebars.

XXX Add example code to get started.


  • .html to ReactTemplate
  • Blaze helpers
  • Blaze helper context (with the data from the context)
  • Blaze onCreated @TwinTailsX
  • Blaze events
  • Blaze onRendered @TwinTailsX
  • Blaze onDestroyed @TwinTailsX
  • Blaze autorun @TwinTailsX @facespacey
  • Blaze subscribe @TwinTailsX @facespacey
  • Spacebars {{helper}} (SafeString)
  • Spacebars {{helper ..args}} (SafeString) (with arguments)
  • Spacebars {{{helper}}} (raw HTML)
  • Spacebars {{{helper ..args}}} (raw HTML) (with arguments)
  • Spacebars "{{helper}}" (SafeString – In Attribute Values)
  • Spacebars ={{helper}} (SafeString – Dynamic Attribute Value)
  • Spacebars {{#if}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{/if}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{/if}} (nested)
  • Spacebars {{#each}}
  • Spacebars {{#each in}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{/each}}
  • Spacebars {{else in}} {{/each}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{/each}} (nested)
  • Spacebars {{#with}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{#with}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{#with}} (nested)
  • Spacebars {{#unless}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{/unless}}
  • Spacebars {{else}} {{/unless}} (nested)
  • Spacebars {{#helper}}} (Block helpers)
  • Spacebars {{#helper ...args}}} (Block helpers with arguments)
  • Spacebars {{/helper}}} (Block helpers)
  • Spacebars parentData()
  • Spacebars {{../../helper}}
  • Throw notice when the syntax is broken.
  • Transpilation as a Babel plugin, i.e. babel-preset-react

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