Haxe type definitions for the electron framework

License: MIT

Language: Haxe

Keywords: electron, externs, haxe


Haxe type definitions for electron, a framework for building cross-platform desktop applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Build Status Haxelib Version


# Release version
haxelib install electron

# Development version
haxelib git electron

Generate Type Definitions

All type definitions are generated from electron-api.json by ElectronAPI.hx.
To (re)generate for another electron version download the description file from and run:

## Generate type definitions
haxe --macro ElectronAPI.generate("optional/path/to/electron-api.json")

## Build haxedoc.xml to insure everything is fine
haxe haxedoc.hxml

By default hxelectron/electron-api.json is used if you ommit the path argument to your custom description file.


Demo Application

Spin up the included demo application to see electron in action:

## Clone this repository
git clone
cd hxelectron/

## Set the haxelib development directory
haxelib dev electron .

## Install electron, build and run the application
cd demo/
haxe build.hxml
npm install
npm run start


The haxe externs are attributed with following metadata:

  • @:electron_platforms(["Linux"|"macOS"|"Windows"]) the supporting platforms (only if specific).

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