Erlang random number compatibility library

Language: Erlang

Erlang random number compatibility library

This project allows you to generate a compatibility module, exposing the common subset API of rand and random. It is meant to be used as a migration helper in projects that want to run on Erlang/OTP installations that may or may not have the new rand module. It does this by using rand if available or falling back to random if not.


$ rebar compile


$ erlc +debug_info -o ebin src/*.erl


$ rebar doc


$ rebar eunit


Build the PLT

$ rebar build-plt

Run Dialyzer

$ rebar dialyze

By using abbreviated commands, you can also (0) build-plt, (1) compile, (2) eunit (test), and (3) dialyze the code like this:

$ rebar b-p
$ rebar co eu di

This is shorter to type. See rebar help for a description of abbreviated command support.


First we need to generate and load the module.

{ok, rnd} = rand_compat:init().

Alternatively, you can specify the name of the generated module like this:

{ok, some_module} = rand_compat:init(some_module).

Now, you can use the provided common subset API (shared between rand and random) by calling functions like rnd:seed() or some_module:seed().

The full list of functions in the generated module is as follows:

-export([ seed/0
        , seed/1
        , uniform/0
        , uniform/1
        , uniform_s/1
        , uniform_s/2

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