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Scalable, fault-tolerant application-layer sharding for Node.js applications
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 1.05K stars - 125 forks
A command line utility to talk to tchannel servers
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 35 stars - 6 forks
A CLI for managing Thrift IDL files
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 61 stars - 11 forks
Cross-language compatible tools and documentation for Ringpop
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 18 stars - 5 forks
Tools for analyzing Node.js programs with ptrace
JavaScript - MIT - Last pushed - 24 stars - 1 forks
This repository is no longer available - 0 stars
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Published Packages

Scalable, fault-tolerant application-layer sharding
Latest release 10.20.0 - Updated - 1.05K stars
A command line utility to talk to a tchannel server
Latest release 4.23.1 - Updated - 35 stars
A CLI for managing thrift IDL files
Latest release 3.1.10 - Updated - 61 stars
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Most Used Packages

Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code
Latest release 3.0.1-0 - Updated - 24.7K stars
tap-producing test harness for node and browsers
Latest release 4.9.1 - Updated - 4.66K stars
Utility to deal with Uber OSS licences
Latest release 3.1.1 - Updated - 12 stars
network multiplexing and framing protocol for RPC or parser drag racing
Latest release 3.9.12 - Updated - 160 stars
A better node-open. Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.
Latest release 5.4.0 - Updated - 1.23K stars
process information for node.js and browsers
Latest release 0.11.10 - Updated - 58 stars
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