Privacy freindly viewer for YouTube, Googlemap in Typo3 (Mirror only here)

License: MIT

Language: PHP

Keywords: typo3, typo3-extension, youtube-api

UW Two Clicks

This extension can be used to show contents with a disclaimer before the user is able to see them. At the moment only YouTube videos are supported. Google map and Google calendar are in evaluation phase.


To install the extension, you need a typo3 installation with the version higher than 7.xx. This extension is based on extbase and fluid. For the Api queries you need CURL library. For the install clone this repository in /typo3conf/ext.


There are several configuration you need to do to make the extension work. First is to get youtube API token for the queries: here is the link to the Api docs:


The youtube api used by this is the v3:


The default width and height should also be set accordingly. The disclaimer you want to show comes at last, this can be in multiple language and can contain html tags, whatever you write here will be shown to the user before every video so take care about the contents of this option.

On the File tab there are several ways to save the images on the typo3 platform. The simple form will save all the files in the same folder. If you have group based file system, you can use the group. In every group's folder there will be TwoClicksImage folder which the images from youtube are save. To make less queries to YouTube, this application caches the query results to YouTube.

Bug reports and Pull Requests

Both bug reports and pull requests are accepted. When reporting the bug please tell me the Typo3 Version, PHP version and also your file system configuration (all the settings from file tab).


See LICENSE file

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