Haskell utilities for Hoon-style atom printing and conversion

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Language: Haskell


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Utilities for phonetic base wrangling.


Here you can primarily find functions for dealing with the "patp" phonetic base used by Urbit. The @p encoding is used for naming ships; it uniquely represents a 32-bit number in a memorable and pronounceable fashion.

The @p encoding is an obfuscated representation of an underlying 32-bit number, in particular, hence the 'ob' in the library's name.


The library exposes two functions, patp and fromPatp, for converting between representations. You can render a patp value via the render function.

Here's a quick example:

> import qualified Urbit.Ob as Ob
> let nidsut = Ob.patp 15663360
> Ob.render nidsut
> Ob.fromPatp nidsut

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Haskell utilities for Hoon-style atom printing and conversion
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