⚡️Non-blocking, event-driven Redis client.

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Redis + Swift. Red Is Swift. Swift is a bird. Redbird.

Attempt at a pure-Swift implementation of a Redis client from the original protocol spec.

Redis communication protocol specification:


When I write servers for my apps, I usually use 1) Linux servers, 2) Redis as my database/cache. Now I also want to write everything in Swift. I looked through the existing Swift Redis wrappers and unfortunately all of them just wrapped a C library, which had to be installed externally (yuck). Thus I decided to throw all that away, go back to the Redis protocol specification and build up a Swift client without any dependencies, so that it can be used both on OS X and Linux just by adding a Swift Package Manager entry, without the need to install anything extra.

That means I'm writing it up all the way from bare TCP sockets. Just using Glibc and Darwin headers, together with standard Swift libraries. #0dependencies


Swift Package Manager

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 0, minor: 10)


Create a Redbird instance, which opens a socket to the specified Redis server. Then call desired commands on that instance, which synchronously returns a response. That response can be of any of the supported types: SimpleString, BulkString, Integer, Error, RespArray, NullBulkString, NullArray all inherit from the protocol RespObject, which has a RespType to communicate which type you're getting.

do {
    let config = RedbirdConfig(address: "", port: 6379, password: "foopass")
    let client = try Redbird(config: config)
    let response = try client.command("SET", params: ["mykey", "hello_redis"]).toString() //"OK"
} catch {
    print("Redis error: \(error)")

Redbird automatically:

  • authenticates if you pass it a password during initialization
  • attempts one reconnect if the socket was dropped for whatever reason (handy for servers with idle timeouts)

Easy conversion back

Instead of handling the RespObject types directly, you can also use the following convenience converters which will try to convert your RespObject into the specified type:

  • .toString() -> String
  • .toMaybeString() -> String?
  • .toArray() -> [RespObject]
  • .toMaybeArray() -> [RespObject]?
  • .toInt() -> Int
  • .toBool() -> Bool
  • .toError() -> ErrorType


Command pipelining is supported. Just ask for a Pipeline object, enqueue commands on it and then call execute() to send commands to the server. You receive an array of response objects, which respect the enqueing order of your commands.

let responses = try client.pipeline()
    .enqueue("SET", params: ["test", "Me_llamo_test"])
    .enqueue("GET", params: ["test"])
// responses: [RespObject]

All of the above converters throw an error if invoked on a non-compatible type (like calling toArray() on an Integer).

Missing features?

At the moment the design philosophy of Redbird is to provide a 0-dependency, minimal Swift Redis client. Features such as easier wrappers for things that can be done with standard commands (like transactions) are not on the roadmap at the moment (with the notable exception of AUTH, which is too common to not make easier to do). I want to make sure Redbird allows you to use all of Redis's features. However the aim is not to make it easy, just simple.

That being said, if Redbird doesn't support a fundamental feature that you'd like to use, please create an issue and I'll do my best to add it. Thanks for helping out! 🎉

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Honza Dvorsky -, @czechboy0

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⚡️Non-blocking, event-driven Redis client.
Latest release 3.0.0-rc.2.1 - Published - 356 stars
⚡️Non-blocking, event-driven Redis client.
Latest release 3.0.0-rc.2.1 - Published - 356 stars
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⚡️Non-blocking, event-driven Redis client.
Latest release 3.0.0-rc.2.1 - Published - 356 stars
⚡️Non-blocking, event-driven Redis client.
Latest release 3.0.0-rc.2.1 - Published - 356 stars

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