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README for mutt-1.5

When updating mutt from an earlier release or from Mercurial, please
make sure to read the compatibility notes in ``UPDATING''. Older changes
between mutt-1.2 and mutt-1.4 are listed in NEWS.

If you got the mutt source code from the public Mercurial repository
(, please read doc/devel-notes.txt to make
sure that you have a complete development environment.

Installation instructions are detailed in ``INSTALL''. The user manual
is in doc/manual.txt. PGP users should read doc/PGP-Notes.txt.

Before you start hacking on mutt, read doc/devel-notes.txt.  Before
applying patches to mutt, read doc/applying-patches.txt.  Please,
read these files, as they will save you from asking FAQs.

For more information, see the Mutt home page:

The primary distribution points for Mutt is:

A list of mirror sites can be found under

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