Semantic UI components built with Om (cljs)

License: EPL-1.0

Language: Clojure

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Semantic UI components built with Om

Still very much in Alpha, use at own risk.


Available components

  • Dropdown dropdown.cljs
  • Rating rating.cljs


  • Make dropdown tabbable, and to be able to select with up/down keys
  • Give rating widget the ability to set 0 stars via clicking
  • Allow rating widget to use other icons, not just stars

Add it as Leiningen dependency

Clojars Project

Example usage

(ns examples.dropdown.core
  (:require [clojure.string :as str]
            [om.core :as om :include-macros true]
            [om.dom :as dom :include-macros true]
            [om-semantic.dropdown :as dd]))

(def menu
  "The options in the dropdown menu, with a :value and a :label"
  (mapv #(hash-map :value (str/lower-case %) :label %)
        ["Viktor" "Sebastian" "Pelle" "Rikard" "Supertramp"]))

;; The app-state, with a option menu and the current selected option
(defonce app-state (atom {:menu menu :selected nil}))

(defn button
  "Restores the selected option to the last value in the menu"
  [data owner]
    (dom/div #js {:className "ui button"
                  :onClick #(om/update! data :selected (:value (last menu)))}
      (:label (last menu)))))

(defn main-component
  "You can pick a character, reset your selection, and view it."
  [data owner]
    (dom/div nil
      (dom/h3 nil "Dropdown example")
      (om/build button data)
      (om/build dd/dropdown data
        {:init-state {:default-text "Pick Character"
                      :menu [:menu]         ;; Which key leads to the menu in data
                      :selected [:selected] ;; Where should the selection be placed
                      :idkey :value         ;; For each item, which key returns the id
                      :lkey :label          ;; For each item, which key returns the label
                      :disabled false}})    ;; default is false
      (dom/span nil " You picked: "
        (get (dd/find-key (:menu data) :value (:selected data)) :label)))))

(om/root main-component app-state
  {:target (. js/document (getElementById "app"))})

Try it out

git clone
cd om-semantic
lein cljsbuild once dropdown

Open index.html in folder examples/dropdown

Listen to Events

If you need to know when the dropdown was clicked or selected you can pass a channel as an opts and listen and for [:click nil] and [:select selected-id] events:

(defn dropdown-listener [data owner]
    (init-state [_]
      {:ch (chan)})
    (will-mount [_]
      (go-loop []
        (let [[tag d] (<! (om/get-state owner :ch))]
          (when (some? tag) ;; we check if the channel was closed
            (case tag
              :select (println "Selected: " d)
              :click (println "Clicked!"))
    (will-unmount [_]
      ;; we close the channel before we leave to terminate the go-loop
      (async/close! (om/get-state owner :ch)))
    (render-state [_ {:keys [ch]}]
      (om/build dd/dropdown data
        {:init-state {:default-text "Pick Character"
                      :menu [:menu]
                      :selected [:selected]
                      :idkey :value
                      :lkey :label
                      :disabled false}
         :opts {:ch ch}}))))


This project uses doo for testing. To use it follow its README to configure PhantomJS and run:

lein doo phantom test


Licensed under the EPL

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