A simple but powerful anime downloader and streamer.

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Language: Python

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Anime Downloader

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Ever dreamt about watching anime for free effortlessly without all those unbearable ads? Ever dreamt of downloading your favourite anime for that long trip?


Yeah. Me too! That's why this tool exists.


  • Download or stream any episode or episode range of any anime.
  • Specify the quality you want to stream or download.
  • Search and download.
  • Save yourselves from those malicious ads.
  • Add any anime to your watch list using anime watch and let anime downloader take care of everything for you.
  • Download using external downloader (aria2 recommended).
  • Configurable using config.json. See doc.

Supported Sites

  • 9anime
  • KissAnime [cloudflare]
  • [cloudlfare]
  • KissCartoon [cloudflare]
  • Gogoanime
  • AnimePahe [cloudflare]

NOTE: To download from sites marked [cloudflare], anime-downloader has to be installed with cloudflare support(See below).


You can install the stable release from PyPI.

$ pip install anime-downloader

To install with cloudflare support, (Read note below)

$ pip install anime-downloader[cloudflare]

To install the dev version

$ pip install -U git+

# To install with cloudflare support
$ pip install -U git+[cloudflare]

If you have trouble installing, see extended installation instructions here.


  • For cloudflare scraping cfscrape is used. It depends on node-js. So if you want to use cloudflare, make sure you have node-js installed.
  • You might have to use pip3 depending on your system
  • If you are using zsh, don't forget to escape [ and ] using \.


See wiki.

Anime downloader has two sub commands, dl and watch.

  • dl: dl can download anime.
  • watch: watch can manage your anime watch list. Needs mpv. With watch you'll never have to go to any anime sites ever again.

To use anime_downloader in your package

This tool can be used as a library. This means you can import it into your own application and search for anime and do many other wonderful things. See documentation.

Development Instructions

See development instructions

Please don't judge me for not paying for anime. I want to support these animation studios, but being a college student, I can't.

arigatou gozaimasu


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