Sample application for Meteor file-collection Atmosphere package

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Language: CoffeeScript

file-collection Sample App

This is a sample application demonstrating the use of the Meteor file-collection package.

Note! This version of the sample app uses Meteor and file-collection 1.1.0

This demo app uses file-collection's built-in support for Resumable.js to allow drag and drop uploading of files. Beyond that, it presents a simple image management grid with basic metadata, user acounts with file ownership, previews of images with click to load, and the ability to download or delete files.

Just run meteor in this directory and then once the app server is running, point your browser at http://localhost:3000/.

For a more advanced example that uses the job-collection package to automatically create and use thumbnails for uploaded images, see: https://github.com/vsivsi/meteor-file-job-sample-app

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