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Nest Manager (Unofficial)

Nest Manager App

This is the "unofficial" SmartThings user created SmartApp and Device handlers. The SmartApp and Device Handlers work together to provide integration to the SmartThings ecosystem using Nest's Official API.


  • @tonesto7
  • @E_sch


  • @desertblade
  • @ghesp


  • @shmookles, @keltymd - Thanks for all of your help testing!!!

What's New


GitHub Project Issues Link

SmartThings Community Forum Link

Projects Help Page

SmartThings IDE GitHub Integration Instructions

Things to Know

  • Each install of this SmartApp will only support One location/structure and the Thermostats and Protects within
  • This version uses a new token which when we are ready to support it will allow access to Nest cams without needing to completely re-install everything.
  • The token used with this application is using my 'Works for Nest' distribution appId and secret. It's an older one which allows 1000 individual user logins before I will need to certify with Nest. I do not have the ability to see any of your data or who is even using the token
  • Devices that use html tile will not refresh with going out of the device and back in again.


  • Able to add/remove multiples devices from a single SmartApp
  • No need to many enter device serial number and login info in preferences
  • Nest Login info is not stored by the application
  • No need to use 3rd Party Polling apps for device updates
  • One single API call for all Nest devices
  • Since there is only a single poll for all devices, updates are more often
  • The devices look great 😄

Issues and Troubleshooting


  • While donations are very much appreciated they are not expected or required. If you feel the need to do so 😄 here is the donation link

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