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Entity Framework Core

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Documentation on using EF Core is available at http://docs.efproject.net.

EF Core here, EF6 on CodePlex

This project is for Entity Framework Core, which is currently in pre-release. Entity Framework 6.x is the latest stable release of EF and still under active development on CodePlex at http://entityframework.codeplex.com/.

Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) provides a familiar developer experience to previous versions of EF, including LINQ, POCO, and Code First support. EF Core also enables access to data across relational and non-relational stores. EF Core is much more lightweight than previous versions and is built from the ground up to work great in the cloud (using ASP.NET Core) on devices (i.e. in universal Windows apps) as well as in traditional .NET scenarios.

Getting Started

Checkout the documentation at https://docs.efproject.net to see tutorials for getting started with EF Core.


EF Core is currently pre-release. For more details on the release schedule, see the Roadmap article in the wiki.

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