A way to build and explore webs of ideas.


License: GPL-2.0

Language: CoffeeScript


Live at: cograph.co

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Cograph is a free, open source platform for making and sharing webs of ideas.

It was born of many ideas and is maintained by Will Zeng, David Furlong + contributors. We're happy to acknowledge the help of many friends who helped inspire the project.


Anyone is welcome to report a bug, request a feature, or otherwise contribute to Cograph. We'll be tracking all such things through this repo's issue tracker and you can some of the upcoming roadmap on the project's homepage.


Some details of the Cograph server API can be found on the wiki page.

How to Run Locally

  • Neo4j Server 2.1.3 <= Version <= 2.2.0 Required At time of writing 2.1.8 is most current and can be downloaded from: Download
  • Clone this repo
  • npm install should install your node modules in the node_modules/ folder.
  • npm install -g bower should install bower to your global path.
  • bower install should install your front end models in the assets/libs/ folder.

Then you should be able to run ./bin/www to get the server running at localhost:3000/



Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2014-2015 GraphDocs Inc. - Released under GPLv2

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