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The UNICODE-MATH package

This package will provide a complete implementation of unicode maths for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX.

While I am a little wary of encouraging people to use this package for production work, I understand that it has certain uses and am making it available for distribution. Your testing and feedback is essential to fill in the many gaps that I miss!

Please be aware that this package is undergoing continued development and the interface and functionality should not be considered completely stable. But the more the package is used the more stable it will become. (Things are generally working now; it is only minutiae that may change in the future.)

Unicode maths is currently supported by the following fonts:

With the exception of Cambria Math, which is proprietry, the fonts above are all freely available and released under open source licences (the GUST Font License and Open Font Licence).

I'm always looking for new fonts to test with, so please let me know of any new releases.


Please see the PDF documentation for full details. A simple beginning is:


Most LaTeX math should still work after this. (Let me know if it doesn't.) Furthermore, it will be in a different font.


As well as running XeTeX or LuaTeX, this package requires recent versions of the fontspec, expl3, xpackages, filehook, ucharcat, and lualatex-math packages.


The current release version is available from CTAN:

Latest developmental and archived historical versions are available from Github:

Please file bug reports with minimal examples:


  • v0.8c (2015/09/24)

    • Add \over(left/right)harpoon as "wide" accents.
    • Add RTL mathematics operators \arabicmaj and \arabichad, which correspond to U+1EEF0 and U+1EEF1, resp.
    • Remove catchfile package dependency.
    • Update some internal names to match expl3 standards.
  • v0.8b (2015/09/09)

    • Bug fix: Use the "ucharcat" package to simplify some code that caused some headaches with \tl_rescan:nn.
  • v0.8a (2015/08/06)

    • Fix bug with \vert, |, (l/r)vert, etc., displaying with the wrong characters.

    • Improve documentation to properly reflect changes in v0.8 and fix some broken examples.

    • No longer reset catcodes of : and @ during \setmathfont .

    • Fix remapping of alphabets (needed for Minion Math) in cases such as:


  • v0.8 (2015/07/29) Breaking changes in this update!

    • \mathrm (\mathup), \mathit, \mathbf, \mathsf, and \mathtt revert to their traditional LaTeX meanings; they are set up to match their equivalent text fonts unless specifically set using \setmathrm and friends from fontspec or the new \setmathfontface in unicode-math. These commands should be used for multi-letter identifiers.

    • New "symbol" commands have been added, \symrm (\symup), symit, ..., to replace the behaviour of the old commands. These should be used for single-letter identifiers. See the package documentation for more detail on these and related commands.

    • Package options mathit=sym, mathbf=sym, etc., reverse the changes above to revert to pre-v0.8 behaviour for \mathXYZ. Regardless of package option, \symXYZ always maps to symbols and \mathtextXYZ is provided for the traditional \mathXYZ font switch.

    • New command \setoperatorfont to set the font used for commands such as \sin and \cos. Usage: \setoperatorfont\mathbf or any command defined with \setmathfontface.

    • Traditional LaTeX \DeclareMathAlphabet now works again for legacy font-loading packages.

    • Commands defined to "force" Greek letters with \upbeta and \itbeta, etc.

    • Assorted bug fixes and minor changes.

  • v0.7e (2014/06/30)

    • No longer assume fixltx2e has been loaded.
    • Some ascii math symbols have been renamed with a \math... prefix, such as \mathquestion.
    • Assume latest luaotfload is being used; no need for a separate unicode-math.lua script.
    • Assorted typos and minor bugs.
  • v0.7e (2013/05/04)

    • Track luaotfload updates.
  • v0.7d (2013/03/16)

    • More expl3 changes missed first time around. (Sorry again.)
  • v0.7c (2013/02/25)

    • The Latin Modern math font name changed TWICE. Only caught the first one. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  • v0.7b (2013/02/22)

    • Keep in sync with Latin Modern Math font name change.
    • Keep in sync with expl3 changes.
  • v0.7a (2012/07/28)

    • Keep in sync with expl3 changes.
  • v0.7 (2012/05/30): The TeX Live 2012 release.

    • Most changes (and all significant ones) in this release thanks to Khaled Hosny, who is now credited as an author of the package.
    • Many improvements for XeTeX support to take advantage of the new engine (v0.9998) in TL2012.
      • As a result, \resetmathfont is no longer required.
    • Improve \not to use pre-combined glyphs where possible.
    • LM Math is loaded by default.
    • Support bottom accents.
      • And add \wideutilde.
    • The ‘symbols’ document is somewhat better organised and contains information on whether a symbol is defined in plain TeX or amssymb.
    • Various other minor fixes and additions:
      • \underleftrightarrow added for fonts that support it.
      • Don’t overwrite mathtool’s \overbracket and \underbracket.
      • Bug in [range=...] parsing fixed.
      • Add \longdivision.
      • Add \lgroup and \rgroup.
      • Fix ‘moustache’ delimiters.
      • \openbox renamed to \mathvisiblespace, since it is already defined in amsthm as an empty box.
  • v0.6a (2011/09/19)

    • Always a bug that slips through the cracks! Fixes \left. and \right.
    • Add experimental package option warnings-off=... which allows warnings to be suppressed on an individual basis.
  • v0.6 (2011/09/18)

    • Keep in sync with fontspec internals (sorry for the small delay where things were broken)
    • Keep in sync with expl3 deprecated functions
    • Math versions (finally) implemented; can now change maths fonts mid-document without reinitialising everything (thanks to Ulrike Fischer and Ulrik Vieth)
    • Symbols file unimath-symbols.pdf now uses maths versions to compare all of the OpenType maths fonts I currently have access to
    • Over- and under- braces, brackets, and parentheses now work in XeTeX (thanks to Claudio Beccari)
    • Many internal changes, including a re-write of the range feature; it should now be faster and more robust
    • Tentative programmer's interface for querying the current math style: \l_um_mathstyle_tl.
    • Remove (outdated) interaction with beamer; you must specify professionalfonts manually for now
    • Quieten the console output when loading maths fonts with incomplete maths style coverage
    • Synonym added: \lnot -> \neg
    • Two added Unicode symbols (names tentative): \blanksymbol and \openbox (thanks to Apostolos Syropoulos)
    • Fixed literal sub-/super-script input.
  • v0.5e (2011/07/31)

    • Fix forward compatibility clash with deprecated expl3 functions (sorry)
    • Command names are now \protected; this makes them safe to use in moving arguments and so on
    • Similarly to the change in v0.5c, the main math font is now loaded in math family zero (equiv. to LaTeX's operators math font)
    • \mathring added
    • Ensure that a math font has been selected in order to prevent problems in minimal documents (this will be unnecessary when the OpenType LM math font is released)
    • Documentation for which was which of epsilon/varepsilon was backwards! (thank to Rasmus Villemoes for pointing this out)
    • Spurious \upUpsilon removed (the one at U+03A5 is now the correct one)
    • Typo when defining \dprime fixed (thanks to Ulrik Vieth for these last two)
    • Fix the math class of \modtwosum; it is now a large operator (thanks to Michael Ummels)
    • Move several LuaTeX-related patches to the lualatex-math package
    • Fixed mathtool's \cramped in XeLaTeX usage
  • v0.5d (2011/01/30)

    • Assorted improvements to LuaLaTeX support, including non-growing accents available in LuaTeX v0.65 and later
    • Improved behaviour with reading and using maths font dimensions
    • Better compatibility with legacy maths packages and environments (always more worked needed, though)
    • Fix the default setting for "vargreek-shape"
  • v0.5c (2010/09/27)

    • Fix a long-standing bug in XeLaTeX in which the "master" math families 2 and 3 weren't being set; hence fraction rules and many other parameters were not being set correctly
    • Stay in sync with internal fontspec changes
  • v0.5b (2010/09/19): Tune-up

    • Added missing symbols/synonyms: \diamond \smallint \emptyset \hbar \backepsilon \eth
    • \overline works for LuaLaTeX
    • Fix \slash; previously, it overwrote the text definition
    • \vartriangle now has the correct math class
  • v0.5a (2010/07/14): TeX Live 2010 release

    • Numerous documentation improvements
    • Bug fix against stray catcode changes
    • Add \mathcal and \mathbfcal as distinct from the Script style; these are only supported by the XITS fonts at present
    • Small changes to the range of symbols offered (especially note that \ac is now \invlazys to avoid acronym package clash)
    • Superscripts are allowed after primes (as they should be)
    • Numerous LuaLaTeX improvements, including roots and over/under braces.
  • v0.5 (2010/06/03): Initial CTAN release


The unicode-math package may be modified and distributed under the terms and conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3c or greater.

This work is author-maintained and consists of the files

  • unicode-math.dtx,
  • unicode-math-table.tex,
  • unimath-example.ltx,
  • unimath-symbols.ltx,
  • unicode-math-testsuite.ltx;

the derived files

  • unicode-math.lua,
  • unicode-math.sty;

the compiled documentation files

  • unicode-math.pdf,
  • unicode-math-testsuite.pdf,
  • unimath-example.pdf,
  • unimath-symbols.pdf;

and the test suite for this package

  • testfiles/umtest-preamble.tex,
  • testfiles/umtest-suite-(F|L|X).tex,
  • testfiles/*.ltx.

Copyright 2006-2012 Will Robertson Copyright 2010-2011 Philipp Stephani Copyright 2012 Khaled Hosny

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