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This project contains a set of rake-pipeline filters for building web apps.

It includes these filters:

  • Cache Buster - Write a fingerprint into each file name
  • Coffescript - Convert Coffeescript to Javascript
  • ES6 Module Transpiler - Transpile ES6 to ES5 Javascript (Available Options)
  • GZip - Create gzip'd version of your files
  • Handlebars - Process handlebars templates
  • IIFE - Wrap source files in Immediately Invoked Function Expressions
  • Jade - Process Jade templates
  • LESS - Convert LESS to CSS
  • Markdown - Convert Markdown to HTML
  • Minispade - Wrap JS files in Minispade modules
  • Neuter - Require files in a file and generate one single combined file
  • SASS - Convert SASS to CSS
  • Stylus - Convert Stylus to CSS
  • Tilt - Use Tilt to process
  • Uglify - Minify JS
  • YUI CSS - Minify CSS
  • YUI Javascript - Minify JS

Here's a quick example of a realistic project's Assetfile:

# Assetfile
require 'rake-pipeline-web-filters'

output "site"

input "javascripts" do
  match "**/*.coffee" do

  match "**/*.js" do
    concat "application.js"

input "stylesheets" do
  match "**/*.sass" do

  match "**/*.css" do
    concat "application.css"

API documentation is hosted at rubydoc.info

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