XabbuhPandaBundle integrates the Panda video encoding service into the Symfony2 Framework.

License: MIT

Language: PHP

Keywords: bundle, encodings, php, symfony, symfony-bundle, videos


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The XabbuhPandaBundle eases integration of the Panda encoding service into Symfony. It sits on top of a PHP client implementation for Panda's REST API.

Features included are:

  • Commands to maintain your cloud, your videos and their encodings
  • Publishing of Panda notification events through Symfony's Event Dispatcher component
  • Extends the default Symfony field form type that make it usable as Panda video uploader widget


See the documentation for instructions on how to install the XabbuhPandaBundle.


XabbuhPandaBundle is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for the full license text.

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integration of the Panda encoding services into the Symfony2 Framework
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