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embed plotly graphs in shiny apps

These examples update Plotly graphs client-side through Plotly's Embed-API

Movies - Plotly

Hosted Example

Simple histogram example adapted from Hello Shiny using "Movies" data

UN_Simple - Plotly with ggplot2

A simplified version of a line graph project by @Huade.

UN_Advance - Plotly with ggplot2

Hosted Example GIF of a Plotly graph in a Shiny App that graphs UN data A fancier version of a line-graph project by @Huade

Diamonds - Plotly with ggplot2

Hosted Example

ggplot2 example using the diamonds data (built into ggplot2) adapted from: https://gist.github.com/jcheng5/3239667 to work with Plotly.


each folder contains a separate app. From inside any of the folders, run


or open runApp.R from the folder and select Run App in the top right corner.

<iframe src="https://chelsea.shinyapps.io/SimpleTest/" style="border: none; width: 800px; height: 700px"></iframe>


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