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mTCP: A Highly Scalable User-level TCP Stack for Multicore Systems

License: BSD-3-Clause

Language: C

IPv6 support for mTCP

This fork enables basic IPv6 support in mTCP.

Build instructions.

Please see the original README for build instructions.

Note that only one address is supported per interface. Your system will likely configure a link-local address for you; however, if you wish to use another address, please configure your interface with ifconfig dpdkN inet6 del <addr>/<prefix> and ifconfig dpdkN inet6 add <addr>/<prefix>.

API changes

To use IPv6, simply use AF_INET6 and struct sockaddr_in6 instead of AF_INET and struct sockaddr_in in mtcp_*() functions.

If you use mtcp_bind() on an IPv6 socket pointing to in6addr_any, the socket will be dual-stack.


Use the apps/example/epwget and apps/example/epserver as usual.


If you wish to add static IPv6 routes or ND entries, you can proceed as for IPv4 and add them to config/routes.conf and config/arp.conf (you can mix IPv4 and IPv6 in those files). Router Advertisements are not yet supported.


Yoann Desmouceaux [yd814 at ic dot ac dot uk]

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