Acoustic levitation on SoC FPGA (DE0-Nano-SoC) https://youtu.be/p1Vm4cL4aUA

Keywords: acoustics, c, de0-nano-soc, fpga, fpga-soc, fpga-soc-linux, kicad, levitation, vhdl

Acoustic levitation

An acoustic levitation device designed as a daughterboard for the DE0-Nano-SoC (Terasic Inc.)

The piezoelectric transducers signals generation is written in VHDL. The phases computation and the G-Code interpreter are written in C and run on embedded Linux. The device controls 88 channels at 40 kHz with a phase resolution of π/625.

Demonstration videos

Levitation of a 3 mm EPS particle in hand

Levitation device in hand

Up and down movements using G-Code

Up and down movements

2 mm EPS particle following a toolpath exported from FlatCAM

Particule following a path


Bill of materials

Quantity Manufacturer Part number
1 CUI Inc. PJ-102AH
14 Maxim Integrated MAX17079GTL+
88 Murata MA40S4S
2 Samtec Inc. SSW-120-03-G-D
8 TE Connectivity 8-215079-8
8 TE Connectivity 8-215083-8
176 TE Connectivity 8134-HC-8P2
1 Traco Power TSR 2-2450
1 Vishay Siliconix SI3421DV-T1-GE3
1 Wurth Electronics Inc. 61300111121
1 Wurth Electronics Inc. 61300811121
1 Wurth Electronics Inc. 61301011121
28 Wurth Electronics Inc. 885012207072

The PCBs were manufactured by Eurocircuits (class 6D).


This project is licensed under the CERN OHL v1.2.


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  4. A. Künstner, Lévitation acoustique, Bachelor thesis, hepia, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO), Geneva, Switzerland, 2017.

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