Pure Go Postgres driver for database/sql

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pq - A pure Go postgres driver for Go's database/sql package

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For detailed documentation and basic usage examples, please see the package documentation at


go test is used for testing. A running PostgreSQL server is required, with the ability to log in. The default database to connect to test with is "pqgotest," but it can be overridden using environment variables.


PGHOST=/var/run/postgresql go test

Optionally, a benchmark suite can be run as part of the tests:

PGHOST=/var/run/postgresql go test -bench .


  • SSL
  • Handles bad connections for database/sql
  • Scan time.Time correctly (i.e. timestamp[tz], time[tz], date)
  • Scan binary blobs correctly (i.e. bytea)
  • Package for hstore support
  • COPY FROM support
  • pq.ParseURL for converting urls to connection strings for sql.Open.
  • Many libpq compatible environment variables
  • Unix socket support
  • Notifications: LISTEN/NOTIFY
  • pgpass support

Future / Things you can help with

  • Better COPY FROM / COPY TO (see discussion in #181)

Thank you (alphabetical)

Some of these contributors are from the original library bmizerany/pq.go whose code still exists in here.

  • Andy Balholm (andybalholm)
  • Ben Berkert (benburkert)
  • Benjamin Heatwole (bheatwole)
  • Bill Mill (llimllib)
  • Bjørn Madsen (aeons)
  • Blake Gentry (bgentry)
  • Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz)
  • Charlie Melbye (cmelbye)
  • Chris Bandy (cbandy)
  • Chris Gilling (cgilling)
  • Chris Walsh (cwds)
  • Dan Sosedoff (sosedoff)
  • Daniel Farina (fdr)
  • Eric Chlebek (echlebek)
  • Eric Garrido (minusnine)
  • Eric Urban (hydrogen18)
  • Everyone at The Go Team
  • Evan Shaw (edsrzf)
  • Ewan Chou (coocood)
  • Fazal Majid (fazalmajid)
  • Federico Romero (federomero)
  • Fumin (fumin)
  • Gary Burd (garyburd)
  • Heroku (heroku)
  • James Pozdena (jpoz)
  • Jason McVetta (jmcvetta)
  • Jeremy Jay (pbnjay)
  • Joakim Sernbrant (serbaut)
  • John Gallagher (jgallagher)
  • Jonathan Rudenberg (titanous)
  • Joël Stemmer (jstemmer)
  • Kamil Kisiel (kisielk)
  • Kelly Dunn (kellydunn)
  • Keith Rarick (kr)
  • Kir Shatrov (kirs)
  • Lann Martin (lann)
  • Maciek Sakrejda (deafbybeheading)
  • Marc Brinkmann (mbr)
  • Marko Tiikkaja (johto)
  • Matt Newberry (MattNewberry)
  • Matt Robenolt (mattrobenolt)
  • Martin Olsen (martinolsen)
  • Mike Lewis (mikelikespie)
  • Nicolas Patry (Narsil)
  • Oliver Tonnhofer (olt)
  • Patrick Hayes (phayes)
  • Paul Hammond (paulhammond)
  • Ryan Smith (ryandotsmith)
  • Samuel Stauffer (samuel)
  • Timothée Peignier (cyberdelia)
  • Travis Cline (tmc)
  • TruongSinh Tran-Nguyen (truongsinh)
  • Yaismel Miranda (ympons)
  • notedit (notedit)