A command line interface for batch data insertion / retrieval from a Tenable Network Security Nessus SecurityCenter instance.

go get


SecurityCenter CLI (written in Go)

Note: Please keep in mind this is to be considered alpha software. Use it in production environments at your own discretion.


This is a simple command line application to use various tasks capable in Tenable Network Security's Security Center (>= v5.0) and manipulate data within SecurityCenter. This should make automating various tasks in SecurityCenter (such as automated backups, syncing assets from a local database or file into SC, auditing user acces, etc) much easier.

Built-in is also an interactive menu useful for exporting and importing records (Assets, Users, Groups, Scan Results). This menu, and mostly this entire command line application, was built based on requirements needed or requested by West Virginia University's Information Security Services. This project is open-source licensed by the GNU General Public License (v3) found in the LICENSE file in this directory.

Supported are Linux, Mac OS, and Windows environments via Go's popular go build tool command.

Downloading and Installing

  • With Go installed: go get
  • Without Go: Download your OS specific binary from this project's releases page.

Third-Party Technologies

This was built using the following technologies:

  • SecurityCenter - A vulnerability management and analytics solution by Tenable Network Security.
  • Go ( > 1.5)

Documentation GoDoc

This project contains various packages which are able to be imported into your Go application which may speed things up is you're also working with SecurityCenter's API, collection authentication interactively, or creating interactive submenus. Go documentation can be viewed on GoDoc.

Running ./securitycenter-cli help will output some help documentation for using the command line application.

   securitycenter-cli - a trusty cli for your trusty nvs

   securitycenter-cli [global options] command [command options] [arguments.


   Austin Siford <>

     export, x  export objects from SecurityCenter to a flat file
     import, i  import objects from a flat file to SecurityCenter
     test, c    test auth token for validity
     menu, m    start interactive menu
     auth, c    get/set auth tokens

   --host value             Tenable Nessus SecurityCenter API host [%TNS_HOST%]
   --token value, -t value  Auth token for SecurityCenter. [%TNS_TOKEN%]
   --session value          Auth session for SecurityCenter [%TNS_SESSION%]
   --debug                  Enable verbose logging.
   --help, -h               show help
   --version, -v            print the version

Specialized help documentation for each command can also be found by running ./securitycenter-cli [command] help, for instance with ./securitycenter-cli export --help

   securitycenter-cli export - export objects from SecurityCenter to a flat

   securitycenter-cli export [command options] [data type to export]

   --fields value  fields to export
   --filter value  filter exported records
   --output value  optional file output