Alerts from AWS Lambda using SNS and Cloudwatch

go get



Sontius is a AWS Lambda project to send alert messages to various chat services such as Slack. This is achieved by using Go to process the SNS message and send a formatted message on another service. The main application is written in Go as I wanted to learn some more Go and not JavaScript.


Run the build command then upload into your Lambda function. From there, subscribe your Alarms to a topic and add a Lambda subscription to that topic.


To build with the latest realase of the prebuilt binary run the following:

make -e SLACK_URL=

If you'd like to build the binary yourself, I'd recommend gox.


To replicate Lambda, there is a debug folder with a example Alarm message from SNS. Build a local binary and put the path to that binary into index.js instead of /var/task/lambda. Simply run node start.js and it will send a message.