Go port of git2consul, a tool for mirroring the contents of a git repository into Consul KV

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NOTE: go-git2consul is experimental and still under development, and therefore should not be used in production!

go-git2consul is a port of git2consul, which had great success and adoption. go-git2consul takes on the same basic principles as its predecessor, and attempts to improve upon some of its feature sets as well as add new ones. There are a few advantages to go-git2consul, including, but is not limited to, the use of the official Consul API and the removal of runtime dependencies such as node and git.

Configuration on go-git2consul is sourced locally instead of it being fetched from the KV. This provides better isolation in cases where multiple instances of git2consul are running in order to provide high-availability, and addresses the issues mentioned in Cimpress-MCP/git2consul#73.

Default configuration

git2consul will attempt to use sane defaults for configuration. However, since git2consul needs to know which repository to pull from, minimal configuration is necessary.

Configuration Required Default Value Available Values Description
local_store no os.TempDir() string Local cache for git2consul to store its tracked repositories
webhook:address no string Webhook listener address that that git2consul will be using
webhook:port no 9000 int Webhook listener port that that git2consul will be using
repos:name yes string Name of the repository. This will match the webhook path, if any are enabled
repos:url yes string The URL of the repository
repos:branches no master string Tracking branches of the repository
repos:hooks:type no polling polling, github, stash, bitbucket, gitlab Type of hook to use to fetch changes on the repository
repos:hooks:interval no 60 int Interval, in seconds, to poll if polling is enabled
consul:address no string Consul address to connect to. It can be either the IP or FQDN with port included
consul:ssl no false true, false Whether to use HTTPS to communicate with Consul
consul:ssl_verify no false true, false Whether to verify certificates when connecting via SSL
consul:token no string Consul API Token

Available command option flags


The path to the configuration file. This flag is required.


Runs git2consul once and exits. This essentially ignores webhook polling.


Displays the version of git2consul and exits. All other commands are ignored.


Webhooks will be served from a single port, and different repositories will be given different endpoints according to their name

Available endpoints:

  • <webhook:address>:<webhook:port>/{repository}/github
  • <webhook:address>:<webhook:port>/{repository}/stash
  • <webhook:address>:<webhook:port>/{repository}/bitbucket
  • <webhook:address>:<webhook:port>/{repository}/gitlab

Future feature additions

  • File format backend
  • Support for source_root and mountpoint
  • Support for tags as branches
  • Support for Consul HTTP Basic Auth
  • Logger support for other handlers other than text
  • Auth support for webhooks banckends

Development dependencies

  • Go 1.6
  • libgit2 v0.24.0
  • glide