A NoSQL document store database (not actually) for real time code collaboration (actually)

couchbase, distributed, golang, ide, mysql, rabbitmq, realtime-development
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CodeCollaborate is a real-time document synchronization service designed to allow software developers to work seamlessly in groups by removing wasted time spent sharing and updating code, allowing developers to focus on building groundbreaking software.

With code always synchronized, the experience of active pair programming is significantly improved. This allows the navigator to reference other changes made, actively searching for what they know the driver would need next. Furthermore, code reviews no longer have to wait days or weeks to occur; they can be done in real-time, streamlining the software development process.

All of this is integrated through plugins to your favorite IDE, allowing you to develop in a familiar environment, utilize all the build tools, extensions, key bindings and other plugins you have come to love about your IDE of choice.