Generates a bunch of npm packages that depend on every npm package created ever

go get


Hi people, if you are coming here after reading about NPM drama, well, dont actually run this app! It's bad and it turns out this might actually violate the TOS! This was just a fun experiment using the API's and tools provided by NPM to have a little fun. Be safe out there ya'll :)

This application will create a multitude of npm projects that will depend on every npm package published.

Why? Well to help protect helpless packages from being unpublished on NPM! Just run this simple application to do your part!

WARNING: I'm bad at go and this was some late night coding :)

Example output:

Before running make sure you have a logged in npm account on your system.

To run:

go get
go build
npm-gen-all 'out root' 'package name base' 'author name'
Sit back and relax, its gonna be a bumpy ride