Some container datatypes for the go programming language, such as stack, queue, set etc.

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The Go programming language has no support for generic types and doesn't provide many datatypes / containers you use very often when programming. Most of them can be modelled using the existing types, like using a map to represent a set. However I've found this rather annoying and cumbersome; so I crated this package. It currently provides sets (based on a map), stacks (linked list) and queue (linked list). This may not be the best way to write your go code but for me that's fine ;).

A set can store anything that can be used as a key for a map, stacks and lists should work nearly everything.

You can find the documentation on

There are also some examples (not all of them are displayed on godoc though) in the source code, usually in a file called example_test.go.

The code is published under the The MIT License (MIT), see file LICENSE.