Go Challenge web application for participants

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Go Challenge App

Go Challenge is off to a great start, and to make it even more awesome - we should build a great app to run the challenge.

While the current process of emailing zips worked well, it requires some manual orchestration, and might not scale that well. After some discussion on golang-challenge Slack channel, this project was born as a community effort to improve this process.

The basic idea is to take some inspiration from project, and build a similar command line driven workflow for Go challenge. Of course, given a more restrictive nature of the challenge itself (compared to's free-flow exercises), we'll have to modify bits and piece to make it fit the rules of the challenge.

How to contribute

  • golang-challenge Slack channel is the main discussion channel for this project - feel free to jump in and talk to people there.

  • Github issues - alternatively, if you have an idea that you want to discuss, feel free to open an issue on this project, and start the discussion.