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OpsGenie Integration

The project includes OpsGenie's specific integration packages:

  • icinga
  • icinga2
  • nagios
  • nagiosxi
  • netcool
  • redmine
  • zabbix
  • zendesk
  • zenoss



  • JDK 1.7 (to compile only)
  • A clone of OpsgenieClient project into same parent directory.


Available tasks

  • packageSdk: Packages sdk as zip file that includes jars, javadoc and third_party under build/distributions
  • package<Integration_name>: Packages the integration specific rpm, deb or zip files.
  • package<Integration_name>Zip: Packages the integration's zip archive only if available
  • package<Integration_name>OS: Packages the integration's rpm and deb archives only if available
  • packageAll: Packages all zip, rpm and rpm archives for all integrations. Also includes Go based Lamp client tool zip package(if you checked out go based lamp locally).

  • packageLamp: If you checked out Go Based Lamp to your local computer, you can generate a zip package of it. You can find the Go Based Lamp source code from here

You can run the tasks:

Unix: ./gradlew packageRedmine packageSdk packageNagios

Windows: gradlew.bat packageRedmine packageSdk packageNagios

Or if you want to package all

Unix: ./gradlew packageAll

Windows: gradlew.bat packageAll

Tagged Releases

OpsGenieClient-v2-2016.25.01 January 25, 2016
OpsGenieClient-v2-2016.19.01 January 19, 2016
OpsGenieClient-v2-2016.07.04 April 07, 2016
OpsGenieClient-v2-2015.20.10 October 20, 2015
OpsGenieClient-v2-2015.17.12 December 17, 2015
OpsGenieClient-v2-2015.16.10 October 16, 2015
OpsGenieClient-v2-2015.15.12 December 15, 2015
OpsGenieClient-v2-2015.13.08 August 13, 2015
OpsGenieClient-v2-2015.11.08 August 11, 2015
OpsGenieClient-v2-2015.10.09 September 10, 2015
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