Monthly Challenge of the JS room, December 2014

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JS Monthly Challenge Dec 14

###What's this about

The idea is to learn a new technology, code something fun and share knowledge, opinions and experience. The scope is meant to be rather small. It's something one should be able to hack together in an evening of work.

You may put as little or as much work into this as you'd like, it is encouraged to extend what you're making beyond the official challenge and to add capabilities.

###Monthly Challenge of the JS room, December 2014.

The elected idea is the following: Go

Task: Write a program that gets a chat room ID and fetches the number of stars for each user in the chat and then returns a sorted list of users by number of stars.

Extra points for performance and clever utilization of Go

###Getting Started

You are to use Go (tutorial included) in order to get information about room stars. See who has the most stars (I bet it's rlemon) in a given room.


Submission of entries is done through pull requests to this repository. Make a pull request with a yourusername folder containing:

  - main.go  # running this should run your submission
  - ... # any additional files required to run your submission

###How a winner will be chosen

The winner is always Zirak. Sorry, that's just the way things are. The Winner Zirak will be announced after fair and democratic balot voting will be held after Jan 1st.