A pair programming service using Operational Transforms

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Leaps is a command line utility and golang library for collaboratively editing your local files over HTTP, using operational transforms to ensure zero-collision synchronization across any number of editing clients.

Simply navigate to a directory you want to share, run leaps, open the hosted page in your browser and direct any friends on your LAN to the same page. You can now collectively edit any documents in that directory.


Leaps can also be used as a library, with implementations of accessors for various document hosting solutions and plugable authentication layers, allowing you to build your own services to suit many service architectures.

Leaps server components are implemented in Golang, and has a client implemented in JavaScript that can currently be used with ACE, CodeMirror and Textarea editors.

To read more about the service library components and find examples check out the godocs.

To read about the JavaScript client check out the README.


Leaps is a single binary, with no runtime dependencies. Just download a package for your OS from the latest releases page.

 From homebrew

brew install leaps
leaps -h

 Build with Go

go get
leaps -h


Versions of go above 1.6 should automatically go get all vendored libraries. Otherwise, while cloning use --recursive:

git clone --recursive

Or, if the repo is already cloned, get the latest libraries with:

git submodule update --init

To add new libraries simply run:
git submodule add https://$PACKAGE vendor/$PACKAGE"

It might be handy to set yourself a function for this in your .bashrc:

function go-add-vendor {
    git submodule add https://$1 vendor/$1

System compatibility

OS Status
OSX x86_64 Supported, tested
Linux x86 Supported, tested
Linux x86_64 Supported, tested
Linux ARMv5 Supported, tested
Linux ARMv7 Supported, tested
Windows x86 Supported
Windows x86_64 Supported

Contributing and customizing

Contributions are very welcome, just fork and submit a pull request.


Ashley Jeffs