MTProto implementation in Golang

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MTProto implementation in Golang with example tool.

Example tool

Example tool saves the authkey and other data in ~/.telegram_go. If you delete/lost this file, you will need to auth again.


$ go get -v -u

proxy setting

Socks5 proxy is supported by env variable socks5_proxy

$ export socks5_proxy=

phone authorization

Authorizes phone by code (sent by sms or thru telegram app).

$ telegram auth 79998886655
Enter code: 25704
Signed in: id 104842610 name <Sergey Didyk>

get contact list

Shows user's contact list.

$ telegram list
        id        mutual    name                              username
    132597         false    Алексей Г*******                  O******
    326007         false    Татьяна К*******
    344375          true    Андрей П*********                 r******
    348798          true    Руслан Ч******
    473977         false    Тимур Д******

get dialogs

Shows user's dialogs.

$ telegram dialogs
        id          type    top_message    unread_count title               
  20071829      User    9425        1       Raspberry Pi(hugozhu2)
  15626832      Chat    8896        0       树莓派通知               
  69443043      User    8872        0       Hugo Zhu(hugozhu)   
    777000      User    8871        0       Telegram ()         
    333000      User    8624        0       Telegram () 

send message to contact

Sends a message to contact. Destination id should be from contact list or user himself.

$ telegram msg 104842610 'Hack the planet!'

send photo to contact or dialog(@dialog_id)

$ telegram sendmedia "@20071829" ~/Pictures/IMG_1851.JPG


documentation not ready yet

MTProto documentation


MIT License