A wrapper for channelMq exposing a tcp and websocket json api

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A light-weight, performant websocket server supporting N-many subscribable message channels based on unique, client provided, subscription keys.

What is it

  • socketServerMq is a wrapper for channelMq
  • socketServerMq exposes channelMq's API via a JSON schema over either a tcp or websocket connection.

Intended Use-Case

socketServerMq was designed to intergrate into the rest of the SuperLimitBreak live performance tool-chain, but is generic enough to be useful as a stand-alone websocket messaging system.

Json API

Interaction with the MQ is performed via the json API, over the socket stream.

Example Json

To send a json object to the key foobar you would send:

    "action": "message",
    "data": [
            "deviceid": "foobar",
            "someOtherData": [
                "interesting", "data"